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FOX News
Dec 6, 2011 12:00pm PST
that to a facebook account? i don't know. >>shepard: in syria, reports of killings and kidnappings and bodies in the street. the man who shot president reagan wants to live among the rest of us outside the mental hospital, and a doctor says, he is ready! what makes scottrade your smartphone's most powerful trading app ? total access - to everything. from idea to research to trade. including financials, indicators and real-time streaming quotes. whether you check your investments every day or every minute, our app can take them from thought to trade. at scottrade, seven-dollar trades are just the start. try our powerful mobile app. it's another reason more investors are saying... i'm with scottrade. i wish my patients could see what i see. ♪ that over time, having high cholesterol plus diabetes... or high blood pressure... or family history of early heart disease... can put them at increased risk for plaque buildup. and they'd see that it's more important to get their cholesterol where their doctor wants. and why for these patients, when diet and exercise alone aren't enough, i prescribe cre
FOX News
Dec 13, 2011 12:00pm PST
anonymous helper. wait until you hear the details of this. plus regime change in syria could alter the middle east and today there are new signs syria's rulers could be losing power. think this doesn't matter to your day-to-day life? you better think again. woman: my father came to america selling fishcakes from the back of his truck, and in 1942, of course, they were sent away. after the war, as a japanese coming back from camp, he started a little store on main street in seattle. of course they needed some money, and bank of america was the only bank who would talk to my father. and we've stayed with bank of america. we have four stores now, three in the pacific northwest and one in oregon. my parents would not believe how popular it is now. >>> 22 past the hour. a new sign syria could be edging close to a full-blown civil war. syrian troops killed 28 protesters today alone. including people at a funeral procession. this is amateur video of a government tank firing a machine gun. we can't verify the awe then assist because syria no longer allows outside journalists in. this video
FOX News
Dec 23, 2011 12:00pm PST
are recorded dead from attacks that could complicate the relationship between syria's government and the rest of the world after they blew up bombs in damascus. state division reporting that al qaeda may have plotted the attack but the activists say the government staged it all for propaganda purposes. of course, we cannot confirm any of this for ourselves because syria will to the allow our journalists to cover the unrest. the united nations estimating more than 5,000 people have lost their lives sin the uprising began in march. and jonathan hunt is like in our new york city newsroom. jonathan, the timing is suspect. correct? >>jonathan: to say the least. obviously, the arab league observers have just arrived in syria and suddenly in one of the most heavy especially guarded parts of the capital that has been on police lockdown for many months, you get these attacks happening. many opposition act visits believe this is the regime of assad trying to present the protesters not as democracy activists but as terrorists. that is why they believe assad's regime could have been actually behind the b
FOX News
Dec 27, 2011 12:00pm PST
greg palkot in south korea tonight on the fox report. new details on the slaughter in syria, the embattled central city say the military have pulled out tanks as the team of observers arrived there to see if president assad is keeping promises to withdraw tanks and troops from the cities andry lease the political prisoners. amateur video shows body bags and pools of blood. at least 30 dies in clashes there yesterday. of course, we cannot independently confirm that because syria banned 14 journalists and independent reporting. the united nations reports since the uprising against president assad began back in march, the violence has killed more than 4,000 people. and now, to our middle east newsroom, are things getting any better on the streets in syria? >>reporter: it depends on what standard you use. the latest reports from syria say the government is now going back to tear gassing protesters rather than using open artillery shells against them so that, in a way, it is an improvement. the latest video shows the tanks being pulled out of that city which was a relief to the c
FOX News
Dec 29, 2011 12:00pm PST
acknowledge there is an impact. >>trace: thank you, steve, from des moines. and syria, where activists say security forces have killed a dozen people. today. some in an area where peace monitoring are reportedly keeping watch. this is amateur video showing security forces shooting at protesters early today. we cannot confirm that because syria's government bans foreign journalists. the regime allows the arab league observers into the country early this week and in an amateur video we are told you can hear a protest begging the monitors for help. and now, live in neighboring israel. are the observers doing any good at all? >> the short answer is, no. if anything over the past couple of days the violence is worse. a lot of the video we are seeing coming from syria shows the observers taking coverage from automatic weapons fire next to the protesters who they are supposed to be there to observe that there is in violence but it does not seem like the syrian government is keeping the promise to end the crackdown. but the observers are also coming uncriticism because their leader has a very ques
FOX News
Dec 30, 2011 12:00pm PST
. happy new year. good of you. >>guest: happy new year to you. >>trace: in syria hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets in what could be the biggest protest that country has seen in months. we are told it is a show of defiance against the regime taking place in front of abe league peace observers. this is amateur video said to show an explosion in the cap it will city of damascus, and we are seeing more video which activists claim show security forces shooting protesters and the activists say at least 22 people died in the fighting today but question not indepedently confirm any of it because syria's government bans foreign journalists. >> police in california say they will be cracking down on distracted driving but how can they tell if someone is distracted or a cell phone or changing the radio? is it illegal to eat a sandwich behind the wheel? [ male announcer ] you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity. turning your life upside down in a matter of seconds. hi. hi. you know i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. you just rea
FOX News
Dec 15, 2011 12:00pm PST
, but on the other side, there is iran, and there are the other issues going on in syria, and we leave a very volatile middle east and i'm not sure that leaving iraq at this point in time is really the best move from a strategic standpoint it will play well but as far as strategy it could be a different story. >>jonathan: but the decision has been made and the u.s. flags that flew have been brought down and boxed up. it is on its way back. the two remains u.s. bases will be dismantled and the last the 4,000 remaining u.s. troops in iraq will be out of the country by new year's eve. >>shepard: home for the holidays. that is great news. jonathan will chat away at you know what to do, but some you have not done this. >>jonathan: millions of people and there are dozens of them chatting. where are the millions? >>shepard: what in the world are you doing? >>jonathan: what could be more fun than chatting to me. >>shepard: and you click on the sunglasses guy and he pops out of your computer and he will entertain you, play with the dog dance with the children. it wil
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)